This library uses metadata that can be modified with the BuildMetadata event. Modifying the metadata is an advanced feature.

The metadata is an array with a key for each enabled entity class name. See this unit test

Caching Metadata

The process of attributing your entities results in an array of metadata that is used internal to this library. If you have a very large number of attributed entities it may be faster to cache your metadata instead of rebuilding it with each request.

use ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL\Driver;
use ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL\Metadata;

$metadata = $cache->get('GraphQLMetadata');

if (! $metadata) {
    $driver = new Driver($entityManager);

    $metadata = $driver->get('metadata');
    $cache->set('GraphQLMetadata', $metadata->getArrayCopy());
} else {
    // The second parameter is the Config object
    $driver = new Driver($entityManager, null, $metadata);

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