Upgrade from previous versions

9.x to 10.x

The $driver->connection() function no longer takes an ObjectType for an entity. Instead, just pass the entity class name.

8.1.3 doctrine-graphql

This repository, api-skeletons/doctrine-orm-graphql is a continuation of api-skeletons/doctrine-graphql but there are some changes necessary to move from the old repository to this new one.


The old namespace was ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\GraphQL and the new namespace is ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL. This is the only change between the repositories that should affect you.

The namespace change was made to be more technically correct (the best kind of correct) as each repository only supports ORM and does not support ODM.


With the new repository the documentation was reviewed in whole and corrected where necessary. There is a new theme for the documentation, leaving the old ReadTheDocs default behind. And, though the documentation is still hosted by https://readthedocs.org it has been moved to a new domain: https://doctrine-orm-graphql.apiskeletons.dev

What to do?

As a user of the old repository version 8.1.3, change your namespaces to the new namespace then replace your composer require to api-skeletons/doctrine-orm-graphql ^8.1 and you will be upgraded to the new repository version 8.1.4.