Running Mutations

Mutations modify data in your Doctrine ORM. They are defined as such:

$schema = new Schema([
    'mutation' => new ObjectType([
        'name' => 'mutation',
        'fields' => [
            'mutationName' => [
                'type' => $driver->type(Artist::class),
                'args' => [
                    'id' => Type::nonNull(Type::id()),
                    'input' => Type::nonNull($driver->input(Artist::class, ['name'])),
                'resolve' => function ($root, $args) use ($driver): User {
                    $artist = $driver->get(EntityManager::class)


                    return $artist;

You can define multiple mutations under the fields array. The type is the GraphQL type of the entity you’re processing and will return. The args array in this example has a traditional argument and an input argument. The input argument is created using the driver $driver->input(Entity::class) method and has two optional arguments. The resolve method passes the args to a function that will do the work. In this example that function returns an Artist entity thereby allowing a query on the result.

Calling Mutations

$query = 'mutation MutationName($id: Int!, $name: String!) {
    mutationName(id: $id, input: { name: $name }) {

To call a mutation you must prefix the request with mutation. The mutation will then take input from the args array. The id and name in this mutation will return the new values from the mutated entity.

Input Argument

The driver function $driver->input(Entity::class) will return an InputObjectType with all the fields set to nonNull, thereby making them required. Since this is rarely what is intended, there are two optional parameters to specify required and optional fields.

$driver->input(Entity::class, ['requiredField'], ['optionalField'])

In the above mutation example the name field is required and there are no optional fields, so the only field in the input args will be name. The name input field will be typed according to its metadata configuration.

Identifiers are excluded from the input field list because they should not be changed or added by a user.

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