Tips and Tricks

Here are tips for using this library in more edge-case ways.

Filters for Scalar Queries

The $driver->filter(Entity::class) filter may be used outside of a connection. For instance, to create a Doctrine query for the average of a field you can construct your query like this:

use ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL\Filter\QueryBuilder as FilterQueryBuilder;
use ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL\Types\Entity\EntityTypeContainer;
use Doctrine\ORM\EntityManager;
use GraphQL\Type\Definition\Type;

'average' => [
    'type' => Type::float(),
    'args' => [
        'filter' => $driver->filter(Entity::class),
    'resolve' => function ($root, array $args, $context, ResolveInfo $info) use ($driver) {
        $entity = $driver->get(EntityTypeContainer::class)->get(Entity::class)

        $filterQueryBuilder = new FilterQueryBuilder();

        $queryBuilder = $driver->get(EntityManager::class)
            ->from(Entity::class, 'entity');

        // The apply method requires a third parameter of the entity
        $filterQueryBuilder->apply($args['filter'], $queryBuilder, $entity);

        return $queryBuilder->getQuery()->getScalarResult();

Shared Type Container

If you have more than one driver and it uses a different group, and you use both drivers together in a single schema, you will have type collisions with the Pagination and PageInfo types. The reason a collision occurs is because the GraphQL specification defines PageInfo as a Reserved Type.

The problem is each driver will have its own definition for these types and they are not identical at runtime in PHP. To work around this you must use a shared type container:

use ApiSkeletons\Doctrine\ORM\GraphQL\Type\TypeContainer;

$driver1 = new Driver($entityManager, new Config(['group' => 'group1']));
$driver2 = new Driver($entityManager, new Config(['group' => 'group2']));

$driver2->set(TypeContainer::class, $driver1->get(TypeContainer::class));

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